When Management CAN Outwit Resources...!

It was a great day for me when Pakistan Red Crescent Society, District Branch Sahiwal entrusted me management of its charity facility “Silver Jubilee Maternity & Children Hospital” Sahiwal. I put my heart & soul to deliver more than I was expected to do. I am thankful to Prof. Qamarul Zaman Khan, Secretary of the Red Crescent on appreciating my performance during first 6-7 months. I am also thankful to Pakistan’s National Urdu daily newspaper “Nawa-i-Waqt” and its Chief Editor Dr. Majeed Nizami who has published letter of the Secretary. Please click this link:

For non-Urdu friends I am translating the letter below. I know I can’t put the real spirit but I shall try to convey the meanings.

Thanks for Reading! 

Saqib Ali Ateel

Quality Performance of Maternity Hospital under Pakistan Red Crescent Sahiwal

Prof. Qamar ul Zaman Khan

I belong to the generation who saw the creation of Pakistan. I loved the people who contributed to its inception and spent their lives to improve this country. Your newspaper “Nawa-i-Waqt” has always been part and parcel of my studies. Not only me but also a considerably conscious class has witnessed your services and standing by the truth.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society, District Branch Sahiwal has been running a maternity hospital since 1937, even before the creation of Pakistan. It is being managed by the executive committee of the Red Crescent and the administrator.  It has been subsidizing the cost of quality health services and medicine on the charity basis. The donations and “Zakat” (Islamic tax on savings for a year) from members and philanthropists are spent on the provision of free health facilities to the needy ones.

Seeing its quality performance, a respectable family from Sahiwal had donated a children complex to the Red Crescent Society at the cost of 10.00 million rupees ten years back. Presently, it is the only facility between Lahore and Multan which provides nursery and ICU services to the neo-natal on nominal charges.

However, during last few months, the management failed to upkeep the performance. The Executive Committee requested the District Coordination Officer/Chairman Red Crescent Sahiwal to dismiss the inefficient administrator and a few staff members. The committee also asked for the appointment of a new administrator to control the management damage and to improve the performance of the hospital.

The Chairman, after knowing the whole situation, dismissed the former administrator and proposed the name of Mr. Saqib Ali Ateel, Executive District (Finance and Planning) Sahiwal to manage the hospital on additional charge basis temporarily. The executive committee approved the proposal besides appointing Dr. Shehzad Tahir as Additional Administrator. The changes took place on May 17, 2013. These changes were not unprecedented as Government officers had been being appointed in such positions for long on additional charges.

The administrator Mr. Saqib Ali Ateel and Additional Administrator Dr. Shehzad Tahir have revived not only past performance of the hospital but also took a lot of developmental & reformative steps including:

1-      Provision of colored ultrasound Doppler

2-      Signing of contract to build a new operation theater for maternity patients

3-      Repairing old oxygen system for neo-natal and providing emergency alternatives

4-      Installation of a  “patient flow management system”

5-      Installation of CCTV cameras for security and supervision purposes

6-      Installation of bio-matrix system for timely attendance of staff

7-      Construction of new conference room, training room and administration block

8-      Installation of fire fighting implements

9-      Signing of contract to lay tough tiles in place of brick roads

10-   Replacement of old tiles and systems in toilets of the maternity ward

11-   Replacement of old sewerage lines

12-   Introduction of a computerized name-tag system for all staff members

13-   Beautification of existing lawns with landscaping

14-   Installation of water sprinklers in lawns first time in Sahiwal

15-   Introduction of a new system of cleanliness for toilets and floors

16- Repair of old ambulance

On witnessing quality performance of the hospital, a renowned local philanthropist family has donated an ambulance, Rs.5.00 million and a state of art Children SurgiMed with a cost of Rs.100.00 million. The groundbreaking ceremony shall take place on 15th Decmber 2013.

 (The Groundbreaking Ceremony took place on 18th December 2013)

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