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What My Successes and Failures have Made me!

My name is Saqib Ali Ateel.

I live in Pakistan which has extremes in variant directions.

Pakistan is in top ten countries producing wheat, cotton, date and labor force supporting one of the top ten populations, top eight most powerful armies and possess nuclear weapons. We are bravely fighting terrorism, poverty, ignorance with our outdated systems and corruption (139th position out of 176 countries in corruption perception index with minimal budget openness (38%)). Our public sector stands at No.71 out of 155 competing countries which is not very commendable.

During last 22 years, I have studied Pakistan public sector in different phases. I had joined in 1992 and got a chance to get a degree in Public Management in 2011 from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University Singapore with a fellowship at Harvard. (I was nominated by the Punjab Public Management Reform Program for one year scholarship)

I went back to school at the age of 42 years...

Being a student of literature and deeply interested in philosophy and psychology, I could never adjusted with math and economics. But it was an interesting experience to study economics from these world known prestigeous institutions. Prof. Mukul Asher skillfully processed the session through “economic reasoning” behind our choices as managers.

This led me to launch this website...

On reaching Harvard University I bid heavily for Ricardo Hausmann’s module “Why countries are poor, unequal and volatile?” Yet “Operation Management” by my favorite Mark Fagan proved the most relevant for my day to day managerial life. The module is so important that “The Economist” highlighted a question “Which MBA?” with “Subject Matters: Operation Management”. You may visit his blog to read Mark Fagan ideas.

Frankly speaking, the main reason to launch this website was to keep myself updated on the latest studies of managerial economics. It has become a linchpin for my focus to come back frequently to this niche.

I have been sharing my latest studies with my dedicated visitors. It is a positive externality.

How does this Website Help Me?

The website building was not part of my MPM course. I was certified by Oracle Corporation in 2000 as an application and internet developer. However, I forgot technical complexities since Dr. Ken Evoy started teaching me in 2004.

Who is Dr. Ken Evoy?

A Canadian, according to Wikipedia.org, who is Chairman of Board of SiteSell and SiteBuildIt (SBI). The later is a website building system to help small businesses and individual small voices to grow on the internet. He has credit to help small voices to rank in top 3%  traffic attracting websites.

I launched my first website in 2004. Just for curiosity, I made a few diversions from his guideline and suffered a lot. Yet the site worked well in past and still breathing.

This is my next website with a resolution to not deviate from the SBI guidelines.

What SBI Provides?

It is a detailed study. However, in brief it provides a list of topics about your interest, job or business. You simply need to research on these topics and share your knowledge with others with all out effort to deliver the best but yours. Raise your unique voice by following the action steps, without any technical know how.

It is just a tip of the iceberg. It is more interesting to  compare “feature-by-feature” and “by dollar-by-dollar”.

Saqib Ali Ateel

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