Term Paper:
Wheat Support Price in Pakistan

(Impact on farmers, consumers and tax payers; with special reference to Punjab)

Saqib Ali Ateel
MPM, LKYew School of Public Policy, NUS



1-      Abstract

2-      Introduction; Context of the policy

3-      Policy Implications

         a.       Open Market Situation

         b.      Consumer Surplus

         c.       Producer Surplus

         d.      Substitution Effects

4-      Implementation Issues

         a.       Wheat Cultivation, Supply and Procurement Data

         b.      Implementation Mechanism

         c.       Issue of Middleman

         d.      Subsidy Issues

5-      Outcome of the Policy

         a.       Announced objectives vs. actual achievements

         b.      Other Impacts on society and economy

6-      Conclusion; Policy Options

7-      Bibliography

Why Price Controls Fail (1)

Why Govt. Price Mechanism Fails (2)

A Case for Price Ceiling

Price Floor

Public Policy Options

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